Chart: What The US Economy Is Missing: The Jobs In The Middle

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job quality-01

While the US economy is adding lots of low-wage and high-wage jobs, tt’s the jobs in the middle of the pay spectrum that are missing. The economy has lost more than 200,000 teaching, construction and community-service jobs since 2010 — all occupations that pay between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. This means that people who are reasonably well-educated but don’t have highly technical skills of graduate degrees are stuck. The jobs they’re actually qualified for don’t exist, and the really well-paying jobs all require skill sets they don’t have. Such workers end up underemployed — overqualified for the jobs that they can get and paid lower wages as a result.

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Map: Minutes Of Minimum Wage Work To A Big Mac

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minimum wage minutes to big mac-01

Just 18 minutes of minimum wage work in Australia earns you a Big Mac, but in Afghanistan and India it takes around 6 hours.

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News Game: Big Data, Big Changes

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Everyday, you use Google to find answers, Facebook to connect with your friends, Amazon to shop. You read the New York Times, and you look up definitions on And all the while, your data is being mined by these companies and many others, behind-the-scenes.

Like it or not, it’s happening. Play the game to find out how Big Data practices are changing your life.

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