Game: 50 Shades Of Putin

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50 shades of putin

I went through Reuters’ massive photo library, looked at thousands of photos of Putin over the last decade or so of his political career, during which he served as Russia’s Prime Minister and President, and picked out the ones in which he’s showing emotion.

The photos are placed based on how close Putin’s facial expressions are to the emotions on each of the four corner of the matrix — happy, excited, sad and angry.

 Click here to pick your favorite Putin!

Map: Where Does The United States’ Immigrant Workforce Come From, And How Much Money Are They Sending Home?

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remittance us

International immigrants all over the world sent a total of $529 billion in remittances back to their home countries in 2012, according to the World Bank.

More than 20 percent of all the money sent home by immigrants globally originated in the United States, more than any other country in the world. People living in the U.S. sent a total $123 billion to friends and family living in other countries in 2012. That’s 0.75 percent of the United States’ GDP in 2012.

Click here to see how remittance outflows in the U.S. have changed over the years and which countries received the most in remittances from the U.S.

Infographic: 2014, The Year Of Elections

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Elections will be held in 50 countries and for the European Union parliament, representing 44.4 percent of the world’s population. The combined GDP of all these nations accounts for more than half the world’s GDP. Click here for a roundup of the countries that will be voting in a referendum, legislative or presidential election this year.

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