Game: 50 Shades Of Putin

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50 shades of putin

I went through Reuters’ massive photo library, looked at thousands of photos of Putin over the last decade or so of his political career, during which he served as Russia’s Prime Minister and President, and picked out the ones in which he’s showing emotion.

The photos are placed based on how close Putin’s facial expressions are to the emotions on each of the four corner of the matrix — happy, excited, sad and angry.

 Click here to pick your favorite Putin!

Infographic: 2014, The Year Of Elections

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Elections will be held in 50 countries and for the European Union parliament, representing 44.4 percent of the world’s population. The combined GDP of all these nations accounts for more than half the world’s GDP. Click here for a roundup of the countries that will be voting in a referendum, legislative or presidential election this year.

Charts: Who’s Watching That?

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What sort of an audience do America’s most prominent news channels, news publications and TV shows enjoy? Here’s a breakdown of news audiences by demographic, gender, political leaning and income, based on Pew Research Center data.

Chart: How Does Twitter Measure Up?

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Twitter reported $158,500 in revenue for each of its 2,000 employees in 2012. In comparison, Facebook took in $960,370 per employee, while LinkedIn’s sales equaled $231,502 per employee. Twitter lost $40,000 per employee in 2012.

This chart compares Twitter’s revenue per employee and profit per employee against those of six other publicly held social media and Internet companies.

Chart: Silk Road vs. Street

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Cocaine was cheaper on Silk Road, the infamous online drug marketplace, while Marijuana was more expensive. Here’s a comparison of drug prices on Silk Road and on the street, based on data parsed by ThePriceGeek.

Map: The Lost Wallet Experiment

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wallet experiment-01

Reader’s Digest wanted to know how honest world cities are, so it “lost” 192 wallets in 16 cities — that’s 12 wallets in each city — to see how many would be returned. Each wallet contained the $50 equivalent of the local currency, as well as a name, phone number, family photo, coupons and business cards.

Click here for the full story.

Infographic: Angela Merkel In The Haus

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Germany v2-01

Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic Union, won the national vote on Sunday, making her the only European leader to be re-elected since the financial crisis hit in 2008.

Here’s everything you need to know about the German elections, in an infographic.

Map: Minutes Of Minimum Wage Work To A Big Mac

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minimum wage minutes to big mac-01

Just 18 minutes of minimum wage work in Australia earns you a Big Mac, but in Afghanistan and India it takes around 6 hours.

Click here for the full story.

Infographic: The Rents’ vs Rent

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millenials living arrangements-01

An analysis of how young adult’s living arrangements have changed over the past few decades. Fewer are getting married, many are choosing to live with roommates, and more are living with their parents than ever before.

Click here for the full story.

Infographic: How Much Do Americans Owe?

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Ever since total outstanding national household debt peaked at $12.68 trillion in the third quarter of 2008, Americans have continued to slowly but steadily chip away at what they owe. Click here to see where they stand now.

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