Infographic: The Bros Of Lehman Brothers: Where Are They Now?

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When Lehman Brothers collapsed, it took Dick Fuld’s career down with it. And he wasn’t the only one — former Chief Operating Officer Joseph M. Gregory and former Chief Financial Officer Erin Callan haven’t worked in finance for years now.

Here’s what happened to the bros of Lehman Brothers.

IBTimes: Data-Driven Design

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Drone Map

I create infographics, interactive graphics, news games, photo-illustrations and tell news stories using other non-standard formats using data-driven, computer assisted reporting techniques for the International Business Times. Click here to see all the projects I’ve worked on at IBT.

The image featured in this post is that of an interactive map of all the countries in the world that own lethal or non-lethal military drones. Click here to check out the full interactive.

Maps: Where Will The Sequester Hit The Hardest?

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A new pope has been chosen, but Congress still hasn’t struck a budget deal. If the budget sequester continues as planned, the U.S. stands to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of income, but some states are going to be hit much harder than others.

I looked at data analyzed and compiled by George Mason University, combined it with data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, and created these interactive maps and charts that show exactly where the sequester will potentially hit the hardest.

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