IBTimes: Data-Driven Design

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Drone Map

I create infographics, interactive graphics, news games, photo-illustrations and tell news stories using other non-standard formats using data-driven, computer assisted reporting techniques for the International Business Times. Click here to see all the projects I’ve worked on at IBT.

The image featured in this post is that of an interactive map of all the countries in the world that own lethal or non-lethal military drones. Click here to check out the full interactive.

Maps: Where Will The Sequester Hit The Hardest?

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A new pope has been chosen, but Congress still hasn’t struck a budget deal. If the budget sequester continues as planned, the U.S. stands to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of income, but some states are going to be hit much harder than others.

I looked at data analyzed and compiled by George Mason University, combined it with data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, and created these interactive maps and charts that show exactly where the sequester will potentially hit the hardest.

News Game: Healthcare Maze

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Making decisions about your care among all the options isn’t that easy. Give it a try. (A version of this game was featured on Loop21.com.

This game is part of a project that won two Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence awards — in the Online News Reporting and the Online In-Depth Reporting categories.

Maps: This Is Why Implementing Gun Control Will Be So Hard

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The easy answer: economics. The demand for guns and ammo has never been higher. In 2012, the FBI conducted more background checks on people who wanted to buy guns than ever before.

Take a look at this series of maps that show how many people wanted to buy guns in 2012, and how many people the gun industry employed at last count.

Business Insider: Blogging at the Speed of Business

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Photo credit: Goldman Sachs

I blogged about markets and finance at Business Insider. My blogposts can be found under Business Insider’s Money Game and Clusterstock verticals.

Data Interactive: Fiscal Cliff

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If policymakers allow the U.S. to fall off the fiscal cliff, Americans might have to pay as much as $536 billion more in taxes. Click through for a breakup of who’ll be paying how much more.

Maps: Foreclosed!

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More than 105,000 foreclosure notices were issued in New York City between 2001 and 2011. This interactive graphic offers a year-by-year, neighborhood by neighborhood view. (This interactive was featured on the NYCityNewsService)

Getting Down To Business: Retail

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Here’s a collection of business stories on retail sales and industry trends.

Hyperlocal: The Fort-Greene Local

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Photo: Martin Burch

Here’s collection of stories that I reported and wrote for The Fort-Greene Local, a hyperlocal blog run in association with the New York Times.